FBC Missionaries

First Baptist Church of Tempe’s mission is to help any willing person reach his or her fullest potential to become radically Christ-like by accepting, loving and training him or her with the Word of God.

To that end, FBCT supports missionaries located all over the world and in the United States. These men and women (couples and singles) present the gospel of Jesus Christ and Biblical teaching to help people follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Missionaries help people who do not know Jesus as their savior. They assist in meeting spiritual, family and social needs.

Our missionaries may or may not be connected to a para-church organization. They live and support their ministry thru individual and church donations.

Please consider supporting our missionaries with prayer and/or monetary support. If you would like to contribute financially please CLICK HERE to go to our on-line donation page and earmark your donation, “Faith Promise”.

FBC Missionaries:

Al Fadi - International Missions                                               Mark Burritt - International Missions

Steve and Darlene Evers - International Missions                   Jim and Carolyn Fasold - Serving in Spain

Bob and Elena Gonzalez - Serving in Europe/Germany          Jeff Hause - Serving in Bolivia

Kevin and Leilani Humble - Serving in Indonesia                   Ben and Aleyamma Joseph - Serving at ASU in Tempe, AZ

Luis Matute - Serving in Panama                                     Ryan and Shelby Webb - Serving in Papua, New Guinea

Brent and Melanie Palmer - International Missions                Nathan and Meagan Pipe - Europe hopefully

Tom and Laura Requadt - Serving in Mali, West Africa           Steve and Patty Robenalt - Serving in  Tempe, AZ

Dwight and Gqynne Shaver - Serving in Peru                         Bernie and Mary Miller - Serving in Germany

Cathy Wilson - Serving in Scottsdale, AZ                                Peter and Trisha Molina - Serving in Guadalupe, AZ

Hans and Jennifer Anderson - Serving in Spain                      Francois Turcotte - Serving in Quebec, Canada

David and Donna Shaver - Serving in Mexico                         Ramon and Anna Rodriguez - Serving in Mexico

Hunter and Andrea Combs - Serving in South Africa              Ryan and Roo Chester - International Missions

For more information on the missionaries FBC supports, please contact Pastor Roger Ball at the church office at 480-839-0926.