Leadership Training

Leadership Training

All leadership programs are open to members of First Baptist who can commit themselves to a minimum of five hours per week to ministry. Potential leaders know they are not perfect, but are teachable and willing to learn and grow. Leader-In-Training and Missionary-In-Training programs are open to both men and women. The Pastor-In-Training program is open to men who are considering full time Christian Service.

At First Baptist, our purpose is to help any willing person become his/her best for Jesus Christ. We believe that God designed the local church to equip and train Christians, and give them opportunities to put their training into action. We offer five leadership training programs for men and women who want to equip themselves for serving God.

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Benefits of Training

All three programs offer practical ministry training in communicating God's Word, managing people, developing ministries and managing self in a gracious, supportive church environment. Unlike the traditional educational environment, we give our Pastors-In-Training, Leaders-In-Training and Missionaries-In-Training lots of room to grow and make honest mistakes. Each individual is supervised by a member of the pastoral staff who is committed to their spiritual and ministry growth.

Training Opportunities


The Leader in Training program is designed for men and women who are not seeking a full-time ministry commitment, but choose to prepare themselves for focused leadership and maximum personal growth.

Leaders in Training make a commitment of at least five hours a week to ministry. They are invited to attend weekly staff meetings and be involved in a wide variety of ministries that suit their individual talents, gifts and church needs.

Their leadership training gives them a better picture of the inner workings of Christian service and increases their sensitivity to various ministries in the church.


The Pastor in Training program is for men who want to prepare themselves for pastoral ministry. They need not have committed to formalized training in full time Christian service, but they come with a heart that is open to God's leading. Pastors in Training are welcome at all staff and church board meetings, and are provided with broad opportunities to minister in keeping with their talents and gifts and the church's needs.

The Pastors in Training enjoy regular opportunities to preach, assist in worship services, teach Bible studies and Sunday School classes, and exercise leadership in other areas of ministry. Current Pastors in Training have participated in ministries outside First Baptist which have broadened their experience. These ministries include:

  • Hispanic church planting
  • Rural pastoral work
  • Overseas missionary experience
  • Local evangelism

Pastors In Training are exposed to the inner workings of church life and the multi-fac


The Missionary In Training is the newest addition to our slate of leadership training programs. The program, open to men and women, is narrower in scope than the other two programs.

The Missionary In Training receives training in ministries with an evangelistic and cross cultural emphasis.

MITs work as trainers with outreach teams where they experience one-on-one encounters with opportunity to share the gospel. MITs gain experience by helping with the bi-annual Missions Conference. They help with preparation for the conference and interact with veteran missionaries.

Bible Teacher-in-Progress

The Bible Teacher in Progress program is for men and women who are seeking a position to educate adults on the teachings of the Bible.


The Counselor in Training is an opportunity to develop various skills as a Counselor/Mentor. This program is open to men and women who desire to reach out to others with truth and compassion. The CIT would work with a pastor under guided supervision to learn how to listen deeply, ask thoughtful questions, make various assessments on causes and treatments, make referrals, collaborate with other professionals and offer counseling based on the Word of God.

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