Leadership Training

All leadership programs are open to members of First Baptist who can commit themselves to a minimum of five hours per week to ministry. Potential leaders know they are not perfect, but are teachable and willing to learn and grow. Leader-In-Training and Missionary-In-Training programs are open to both men and women. The Pastor-In-Training program is open to men who are considering full time Christian Service.

At First Baptist, our purpose is to help any willing person become his/her best for Jesus Christ. We believe that God designed the local church to equip and train Christians and give them opportunities to put their training into action. We offer five leadership training programs for men and women who want to equip themselves for serving God.

For more information, please Contact Pastor Roger.

Benefits of Training

All three programs offer practical ministry training in communicating God's Word, managing people, developing ministries and managing self in a gracious, supportive church environment. Unlike the traditional educational environment, we give our Pastors-In-Training, Leaders-In-Training and Missionaries-In-Training lots of room to grow and make honest mistakes. Each individual is supervised by a member of the pastoral staff who is committed to their spiritual and ministry growth.