Compassion Ministries

Our Mission Statement at First Baptist Church of Tempe (FBC) is, "We help any willing person reach his or her fullest potential to become radically Christ-like by accepting, loving and training them with the Word of God." This Mission Statement not only includes any willing person who walks through our church doors but is also about being Christ-like in our community and the world. An important part of serving includes:

  • Serving people in need
  • Compassion Outreach Day twice a year
  • Serving with organizations which support people
  • Supporting those who serve as missionaries.

Part of becoming radically Christ-like and being trained with the Word of God is to experience "hands on" service work. To serve is to show compassion and this compassion gives people hope and with that hope comes joy. It is a humbling experience and one that glorifies our Lord.

We are always looking for new ways to expand our Compassion Ministries to reach and serve people and organizations for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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