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Legacy Project

In December 2017 we received the OCCUPANCY PERMIT from the city of Tempe for the our new Kid’s City, Café, Worship Center, and Music Center! Wow! This is the culmination of a process started over 3 years ago by a 99% vote of our congregation. This was no ordinary building project—as the focus was not just a ‘new building’ but rather a MORE FUNCTIONAL building. Bringing the building into a the modern age to allow much greater security for the children and congregation, with a true ‘sanctuary’ that blocks out city noise so one can focus on worship. The extra space and new video, sound, and lighting allows for a superior ability to PRESENT the Wisdom of the Ages to attendees.

Legacy “Design” Calendar

  • Phase One: The Conceptual Design, Programming, and Schematic Design was Completed in the Spring 2016.
  • Phase Two: The Design Development stage was completed on Summer 2016
  • Phase Three: Construction Documents submitted to City of Tempe on Fall 2016 . Congregation voted to move forward in August 2016.
  • Phase Four: Secured Building Permit from the City of Tempe in December 2016.
  • Phase Five: Process to remove asbestos, etc called the Abatement Process, started on Nov 2016.
  • Phase Six: Demotion of Worship Center and Music City and internal-tear down of Kids City started in Nov 2016 until end of January 2017.
  • Phase Seven: Remodeling of Kids City and New Skylight Café completed July 2017.
  • Phase Eight: We hope to start worship in the NEW Worship Center and NEW Music Department by December 2017.
  • Phase Nine: Do not forget the General Budget uses nearly 2/3rd of its cash flow to cover payroll.
  • Phase Ten: Remember the General Budget first. Remember that additional donations to the Legacy Project will help us pay down the debt.

All dates that are projected are estimated and will be revised as events arise.

Our New Look

Legacy - 11
Children’s check-in and welcome center
Legacy - 12
Worship Center
Legacy - 9
Children’s lobby with creative games
Legacy - 10
Older Children Center
Legacy - 7
Sky Light Café
Legacy - 8
Outside Electronic messaging sign
Legacy - 5
Young Children Center
Legacy - 6
Main Entrance
Legacy - 1
Main Entrance
Legacy - 2
Main Entrance
Legacy - 3
Legacy - 4
Legacy - 13
New Cross Tower with changeable lights
Legacy - 14
New signage along McClintock Drive

Project Photos

Our 130th Anniversary group photo on the location of the new Worship Center. The letters in the message say, "Worship God. Make Disciples.".

130th Anniversary Group Photo

Choir and Orchestra Legacy CD

The Legacy CD

Now available for purchase

The First Baptist Church of Tempe Choir and Orchestra presented a concert at FBC as a means to promote the sales of their "Legacy CD". These CD's would make perfect Christmas gifts for someone.

All of the money raised from the sales of this CD go toward the Legacy Project. Stop by the Worship Ministries table or contact Pastor Phillip Shepherd at 480-839-0926 to purchase this CD for $15.00.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to each donor and the matching donor and hundreds of volunteers who created and ran a host of fundraisers such as:

  • Choir CD
  • Pie-in-the-Eye
  • Silent Auction #1
  • Silent Auction #2
  • Yard Sale (All Church and Individuals)
  • T-Shirts and Hats
  • Recycling Metal
  • Oldies Concert
  • Tamales
  • Prayer and Patriotic Bookmarks
  • Greeting Cards for a Cause
  • Various Music Concerts (Choir, Hosanna, Heritage Quartet)
  • Music Lessons
  • Shaved Ice Cream
  • Employee Matching Donation at Work
  • Loose Change Bottle in Skylight Hall
  • Three-to-One Matching Donor
  • CIRA – Soon to launch two fundraisers
  • Boy Scouts Recycling
  • Loose Change in Skylight Café
  • God Boxes
  • Anonymous Fundraising Projects
  • Allison’s Attic
  • Salute to American Musical Concert
  • E-Book Sale for Better Credit
  • Pies and Desserts

Make your Legacy donation online or write a check out to FBC-Tempe and mail it to 4525 South McClintock Drive Tempe Arizona 85210. For more info call Pastor Roger Ball at 480-839-0926.

Make your Legacy donation online

Legacy Matching $3 to $1 Goes Over the Top

On Oct 31, 2016 we went OVER the matching goal to raise $1,340,000 million by $223,180. This means we received the full match of $4 million and 20 thousand plus MORE matching funds for the overage of $312,843.64. The total funds raised in this "19 Month Amazing Matching" opportunity was $5,896,023.