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When a child has accepted Jesus as their personal Savior, the next step in their spiritual journey is water baptism. It is important that they understand what it represents. Baptism does not save, it is an outward expression of what has taken place in their heart. If your student has made a commitment to Christ, it's time for them to take the next step and "Go Public". It is important that they understand the importance of making a public decision that Jesus is now living in them.

If your son/daughter has accepted Jesus as their Savior and is interested in taking this next step, please register them for one of our baptism classes. Students meet in a small group setting with our baptism counselor and review salvation and baptism.

Our next Baptism Service is Sunday, May 6th during the 11:00 service. Kid City's Baptism Services are a celebration like no other! The service will be dedicated to the children getting baptized. Following the Kid City Baptism Service we will have a time of celebration. Invitations will be available so you can invite your family and friends to join in your child's celebration.

To register for our Baptism Class please fill out this form.

Questions? Call, email or talk to Sharmon Steil.