KidCheck account setup

Part of Childrens Ministries

You can create your free account from the comfort of your home; it's simple and will only take a few minutes, please do so by:

1. Visiting or downloading the KidCheck app on an iOS or Android device where you can create, manage, and update your account right on your phone.

2. Follow the on-screen prompts to create a parent profile page (Name, email, phone, address). Remember to click save when you are done.

  • What Organization Referred You to KidCheck? First Baptist Church of Tempe (Tempe, AZ)

3. Locate the "Kids" tab. Select the link to add a new child, and input your child's info (name, date of birth, allergy and upload a photo). Select the save button when you are done.

4. Locate the "Guardians" tab. This is where you will input additional guardians whom you would like to be able to pick up the chilren you've listed. Add their information and upload photos. Remember to click save when you are done.

5. Locate the "Preferences" tab.

  • Please provide your cell phone carrier (required by the cellular providers so we can text you)
  • Turn off "Notify on Check-out & Check-in" (Not necessary)
  • Confirm that "Allow Child-Care Provider updates" and "Allow Child-Care Provider to email me" are activated.

In order for Kid City to be successful we need all your current info (Change of address, change to allergies status...) and your permission to contact you (sick child, lice outbreak, special events for your child...).