Compassion In Action is a ministry to help families impacted by HIV.

Giving Love Hope and Strength to People Touched by HIV/AIDS

Compassion in Action has been assisting individuals and families touched by HIV disease in Arizona since 1993 under their parent organization, Missions Door. Throughout the north American Continent, Missions Door has been extending God’s love to people in a variety of ways for the last 50 years.

Compassion in Action is directed by Steve and Patty Robenalt who began this work after they experienced the diagnosis of AIDS and later death of Patty’s mother in 1989. Rather than condemnation, the Robenalt’s see compassion and hope extending from the heart of God for all people infected or affected by HIV disease. Compassion in Action is committed to equiping and mobilizing local church congregations to reach out with the love and compassion of Jesus to care for the needs of all people touched with HIV/AIDS.

Compassion in Action is supported by prayers and tax-deductible contributions from individuals and churches who believe in the work and share our mission. Financial support has also been received through grants from AIDS Walk Arizona since 1995.

Our Mission

The mission of Compassion in Action is to help all persons touched by HIV to live a fuller life through Christ and overcome the fears and obstacles that a life-threatening illness has put in their way.

Support Offered

With the help of dedicated volunteers, Compassion in Action offers support to individuals and families in the following ways:

  • Monthly food boxes for individuals living with HIV
  • Good Samaritan volunteers providing:
    • Emotional / Spiritual Support
    • Hospital/Home / Phone Visitation
    • Practical Help in Homes
  • Lending Library: Self-help resources for spiritual and emotional encouragement and growth
  • Abundant Life: A monthly dinner and meeting for individuals infected or affected by HIV
  • Embracing Life: A 14-week course empowering HIV+ individuals to live more fully and purposefully
  • Memorial/Funeral Services
  • Pastoral Counseling / Guidance

Partnering with Compassion in Action

You can partner with Steve and Patty Robenalt and their Compassion in Action Ministry in several ways:

  • volunteer your time
  • commit to prayer
  • provide financial support
  • receive their newsletter

To email Steve and Patty Robenalt, click here.
You can also mail your questions, comments, commitments and donations to:
Compassion in Action
P.O. Box 2932
Chandler, AZ 85244-2932